Such a lot of people were sacrificed by the huge tsunami followed by the great earthquake on 311, 2011. This society will continue searching for the effects of the disaster on farm animals and improving their QOL by renovating the radiocesium contaminated area. Moreover we believe this continuous activity is only the way to making the light on the dark and anxious world and making people to unite and .live healthier together with the livestock.

Think Fukushima, Cattle, and Us An Enlivening, Utilizing Project We Want as Many People as Possible to Know

After the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate prefectures all suffered enormous losses. Fukushima in particular suffered an accident with its Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant caused by the earthquake and the tsunami, which went on to release untold amounts of radiation and have a great affect not only people, but animals as well.

The 20km area around the plant has been restricted, and the cattle and livestock that live within it have continued to not have access to sufficient food and water as a result. Animals though they may be, they are still living creatures, and we want to support these surviving cattle by working towards a path to rebuilding that will enliven and invigorate them. We hope we can count on your support too.

support request

cow(bred wagyu)feed costs are 500 to 800 yen par day For 1 month, this avarage out to 20,000yen that is necessary. Fulctuates with the cost of grass

Funds gathered through donations will be towards cow feed and veterinary expenses. The sincerely ask for your understanding and support

payment can be made via credit card or bank transfer

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【About Monthy Supporters】

This program makes it easy for you to send monthly (fixed amount) contributes using your credit card to provide support that helps pay for cow feed, veterinary expenses, and other support.
The monthly support received from donors is a great assistance toward covering the costs of cow feed and veterinary expenses, some of the most needed forms of care.
Farmers and cows still require much more support. So too is support needed for what is the world's first research study into low-level radiation exposure and decontamination.
We ask for your continued support.

[Support of 2,000 yen/month]- Provides three day's worth of feed for a single cow.

Inquiries: General Incorporated Association, Society for Animal Refugee & Environment post Nuclear Disaster
Contributed gifts: 1,000 yen × (*Starting from 2000 yen)

※We request that gifts be at least 2000 yen.

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Allows you to make what contributions you can when you are able to provide support for much needed cow feed and veterinary care

[Support of 3,000 yen] - Provides four day's worth of feed for a single cow.

※Contribution amount can be set as desired.

Inquiries: General Incorporated Association, Society for Animal Refugee & Environment post Nuclear Disaster
Contributed gifts: 1,000 yen × (*Starting from 3000 yen)

※We request that gifts be at least 3000 yen.

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【Bank account】
Mizuho Bank, Akasaka Branch
Account No.:  2193555 (regular deposit account)
Account name: Society for Animal Refugee & Environment post Nuclear Disaster


Cattle are our Family

Since May 2011, cattle and pigs that have been left behind in the area 20km from Fukushima Daiichi have been euthanized. In the midst of such “unforeseen” chaos, no one can say what was correct and what was mistaken. But now, it falls upon us to do the best thing we can for the animals that still survive there.

Now that these cows have been exposed to radiation they are no longer viable as industry animals, but for the farmers that have cared for them since the day they were born they are practically family. Post-disaster, the cows living inside this restricted area are constantly fighting off starvation. It would cost over 200 million yen per year to feed all 280 cows that are being managed by the study project.

Financial Support Goes to Feed and Vets

At the study society, the farmers involved with the study project are all working to improve the cows’ quality of life by providing them with food and free veterinary care.

But since access to the area 20km within the power plant is restricted, so too is the amount of time they can spend there to feed and care for the cattle. They make do by constantly monitoring daily changes in the cattle’s condition, and should one of them suddenly have their condition worsen they communicate with local veterinarians and researchers in order to keep protecting them.

We also aim to build a permanent, public research institution in order to study the long-term effects of these cattle being exposed to radiation from the Great East Japan Earthquake-induced Fukushima Daiichi accident.

We hope we can count on your support and understanding.

A farmer feeding to the calf born after the disaster
Feed stocks prepared for cattle
Blood samples are taken inside the zone