In order to protect the personal information of Users who access this website, our company has implemented a range of necessary and reasonable privacy policy measures as listed below.

■Provision of Personal Information

When requesting that our Users provide personal information, our company will gather this information only to the extent necessary to fulfill the specified purpose(s) of use.

■Management and Protection of Personal Information

In order to ensure the appropriate management of personal information, our company has appointed a Personal Information Administrator within the department of our company that handles the personal information provided to us by our Users. Further, we will work continuously to protect the personal information of our Users by implementing appropriate and reasonable information security measures, not only to prevent leaks of information to outside parties, but also against security threats such as loss, destruction, unauthorized alteration, unauthorized access, etc. of personal information.

■SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

This website protects personal information using SSL Server Authentication. All information transferred over web addresses beginning with “https” is first encrypted using SSL before it is sent or received. By utilizing data encryption technology to prevent information leaks when personal information is transmitted over the Internet, SSL minimizes the risk of unauthorized data theft or misuse of data by outside parties. No special browser settings are required in order to transfer data using SSL. However, depending on the browser version, your browser may not be able to display the website properly. Therefore, we recommend that all Users updating their browser software to the latest version available.

■Usage of Personal Information

Our company uses personal information provided to us by our Users only to the extent necessary to fulfill the specified purpose(s) of use.
In addition, we also use information that cannot be used to identify any specific individual as reference materials in order to improve the quality of the service that we provide and for other legitimate purposes.

■Release of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except where otherwise specified by applicable laws or regulations, we do not release or divulge personal information provided to us by our Users to any third party without the direct and express consent of the User(s) concerned.
In addition, when releasing personal information to a third party or parties with the consent of the User concerned, we will devise measures, such as imposing a contractual duty of confidentiality, etc., in order to prevent leaks or further release of said information by said third party or parties.

■Requests for the Release, Revision or Deletion of Personal Information

We will respond in a reasonably prompt manner to requests for the release, revision or deletion of personal information from the User(s) concerned.

■Compliance and Continuous Improvement

While observing all applicable laws, regulations and other normative standards with regard to the protection of personal information, our company will also work continuously to review and improve upon the contents of this Privacy Policy.