We continue searching and reporting on the effects of the contamination and decontamination of radiocesium on the cattle activities including animal behavior, biochemistry, breeding, pharmaco-or toxicokinetics and DNA damages inside of the evacuation zone.

Activity Report

Enhancing quality of life (QoL) of stranded cattle 「There is no life useless in this world.」 ・We improve a rearing environment of cattle from the view of animal welfare. ・Though stranded cattle were lost the value of livestock, they are invaluable to be the cornerstone of the next era. ・While reducing the radioactive contamination of farmers, we will do the useful research for society. ・Taking advantage of a negative situation to a positive situation.


We will report the activities in this official facebook page of Society for Animal Refugee & Environment post Nuclear Disaster (AEN).

Activity Policy 1.We improve animal welfare level of stranded cattle within the off-limits area by providing feeding stuff and veterinary care to them. 2.We are planning to establish some research farms across the off-limits area. 3.We will invite research projects after assuring that animal welfare is improved in stranded cattle in these research farms and open the study results. Then, we will ask government to establish research and exhibition institutes there.